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Google+ for artists and illustrators

Thank you for subscribing! Go here to see the larger version of this video on YouTube.  Below you can download the presentation slides with embedded tutorial videos.

Pooja Srinivas Hangout on AirPooja Srinivas’ live presentation for students of the Make Your Splashes – Make Your Marks! course streamed on this page on Thursday, August 16, 2012. We covered Google+ profile and pages (and why they’re so important),  using Google+ circles, integrating Google+ with your other social media and networking, sharing artwork, photos and videos on Google+.  There was also a bit of discussion on starting your own Google+ Hangouts and using  Google+ apps and other Google tools, such as Google Drive in your freelance art and illustration promotion and work.  Pooja also answered questions in the session.

To see a larger or full screen version of the video (at the top of this page) on its YouTube page, click on the video.  This might help you to see Pooja’s screen and slides better during her presentation. Just select the large box of full screen icon on the YouTube player.  You can see Pooja’s complete slide presentation with the embedded tutorial videos here.


Here’s where to go to learn more about Google+ and sign up for your Google+ account(See the blue rectangle in the top right corner of the page?)

Once you have your Google+ account, you can install the Hangouts plug-in that will let you invite your Google+ friends, critique group buddies, etc. to your own hangouts.  Learn more about Google Hangouts, see video tutorials about them and download the plug-in here.


7 thoughts on “Interactive discussions

  1. Hi Felicia,

    Pooja and I were discussing your question tonight.

    Here were her off the cuff responses (but of course she’ll address them more fully Thursday morning.

    Pooja: I’d say there are two things that might make you consider G+ – one is discoverability

    If your posts are public, your post could be found even later on whether someone is searching on Google+ or on Google or other search engines
    so that drives traffic back to you

    The second one is sharing to the right audience – circles let you target the right group

    So you don’t need multiple profiles – one for your personal discussions and one for the professional side

    Plus you can have conversations with individuals or groups depending on the situation

    With Hangouts and Drive, you get a more comprehensive suite of tools which you can use to collaborate either in real time or asynchronously – you don’t need your editor or publisher to be online at the same time to send you comments

    Back to Mark again: We’ll learn more on these points from Pooja on Thursday.

  2. I’m excited and planning on being there. Trying to get my 30 minute bike ride in before this starts. Delay because my mom called. Still dealing with things from these last few weeks. See ya soon… am rushing !!!

  3. I just came across this article this morning when checking my linkedin account… It sounds promising; however, I also have some questions regarding the benefits of google + opposed that of facebook.
    You see, I am an artist and I find facebook very valuable regarding the user friendly options it offers as well as a very large global & socially engaged network that already is secured with a magnitude of engaged users. How is Goggle + as, if not, more engaging than facebook? Also, there are some features that facebook offers its business users which is a marketing format along with one’s professional profile embedded with it to better showcase an artist’s works in timeline formatting; however, it is rather confusing and profitable for facebook rather than the artist themselves. Can google+ provide a more clear and precise way of successfully showcasing an artist’s work, profile page, including user friendly formatting for marketing, advertising, & strategies to actually reach their clientel and be able to provide a positive and successful outcome for that artist?

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