Space Commander Uniform Proposal by illustrator (and former theater costume designer) Heather Hanlin

Space Commander Uniform proposal by illustrator (and former theater costume designer) Heather Hanlin

In the big course, we’re spending three sessions on artistic linear perspective (zero perspective  to six point perspective) which, if it does not by itself make you children’s book illustrator, can certainly make you a  commander of your picture space.

Heather Hanlin, a friend, charter member of our Austin SCBWI Inklings Picture Book group and long distance student of the course has come up with her proposal for the Space Commander uniform that we talked about in one of the sessions.

And it is a doozy, with dripping water media brush/weapon,
and Earth Shoe sandals (very Austin, but also very San Francisco Bay area where Heather recently moved with her game designer husband.)  One cannot ignore the Vulcan ears and the material swatches, which belie Heather’s background as a theater stage set and costume designer.

We’ll have to ask her about the energetic little cloud shapes in the background — are they just some intergalactic matter from the Kuiper belt  (no, it’s not wardrobe-speak) — or maybe somebody’s throwing popcorn at him? Or are they the paint  marks and splashes of the course title (Make Your Splashes;Make Your Marks!)

I approve of the  cerebral, near arrogant, techie competence that this fellow oozes. It is clear that he commands his picture space, which would be, I would think, an important quality for a space commander to have.

If we get more than one proposal for a space commander uniform, students will have to vote on the one we wear.

So, students of the course, if you’re thinking about it —  if you’ve always wanted to design an out of this world-outfit — you can still send your jpgs in.

This guy will be hard to beat, but we still need a woman’s uniform, and some teen and children’s uniforms.

Move over,  Space Family Robinson is  all I can say.

Heather participates in Illustration Fridays and Watercolor Wednesdays and you can see some of her engaging-work on her blog, Mustang Musings.   She is as she describers herself: a Mustang Mom.

* * * * *

Check out the terrific animal characters by animation student Laura Jennings while they’re still up on front page of How To Be A Childrens Book Illustrator.



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