Sally Hester, Pioneer girl

“Sally Hester, Pioneer” excerpt from an illustration by Mark Mitchell for “Appleseeds” magazine


3 thoughts on “Art

  1. I love this type of illustration. I have no experience doing watercolors. I can see how talented you are, and lucky! So, as a water colorist, do you find that you have to work quickly? How different is this to using water color pencils, something I’m interested in trying?

    • Hi Cynthia!
      Watercolor pencils are another way of using watercolor and a great way to introduce yourself to watercolor. They can lead to the “hard stuff” — using tube watercolors. 🙂
      You can use both mediums in the same illustration, too!
      As for painting speeds — its always variable! There are times in a watercolor painting where you do have to work and react quickly and other times when you can slow way down and work incrementally.
      Thank you for your nice comments!

  2. I really like your watercolour style as well! I’ve always loved watercolour and would like to know how you achieve the fine linings in a painting, are you using a very fine brush to do the detailed work?

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